What if you could steer fantasy into faith and lift  destiny out of delusion?

You might be a believer, but do you struggle to believe God really will do what He has promised? God tells us, “All things are possible to those that believe,” but do you have more in common with doubting Thomas than King David or Mary?

You love God, dream big and work hard to put life into the vision that thrills your heart. You know God CAN do it. But will He? And throughYOU?

Internally you scream “What If?”, or prayerfully wish “If Only!”

Whatever happens, “Even If” disappointment and delay interrupts your journey, I convince you that the tests are worthwhile. I reveal a powerful truth:

When you live “As If” your dream has already happened, it is yours!

As a life coach I gently teach through the ancient character Jacob, a meandering canal cruise metaphor and my own anecdotes and observations. You will recognise a far deeper goal than the lure of fulfilment. Simply put, your aspirations are unattainable until you desire them less than the One who put them within you.

In this book, you will learn the unforced rhythms of grace as you:

Master the deceptive power of reason, emotion and will

Embrace the transforming power of weakness, brokenness and loss

Relax into deep assurance of your value, potential and calling

Stand fully confident, as His unique choice for your appointed time

This is a truly imaginative Pilgrims Progress birthed at the turn of the millennium for every twenty-first century believer who is weary of the superficiality of spiritual platitudes and sickly sweet recipes for success.

I am an author, a practising nurse and mom to a grown daughter and son, living in the north of England. My passion is to write life observations thoughtfully and innovatively so minds and hearts may be stirred by eternal themes and paradoxes.


My next Book "As If " 

             due out this winter!

When Fantasy is steered into

Faith and
Destiny rises

from Delusion