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OK let's get a little more contemplative.  Who can you have a deep and meaningful with today about the book and how it has begun to impact your life? 

Share what's happening with you as a result of it.  Testimonies are POWERFUL

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 What are the dreams that if you dared to dream really would come true?  Invite those family, friends and contacts who you know are dreaming wistfully rather than courageously.  They need to hear from you that they can stop singing "

Why Oh why can't I?"

Like Dorothy, they can discover their genius was in them all along!

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Who is one person you really admire for all they have persevered for? How did they disentangle their genius and inspire you to do the same?  Get that conversation going in your social media accounts and inspire those around you to ask themselves what could be FRUSTRATING them from such example or fulfilment?